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Presenting at DevEvening

So I went to my first DevEvening last week and found it very useful. I spoke to a few people about the tools and frameworks I’ve been working with and found that most people have either never heard of them or have no idea how to use them. After listening to the speakers, I was then inspired to present some of the things I do/use during day-to-day development.

So I am going to be presenting at the next DevEvening: “An Introduction To TDD” on Thursday 5th March at 7:00pm. I am slightly nervous about this because I haven’t done any public speaking since I got married 5 years ago and have never presented a technical session of this kind before.

This session will just be an introduction to the subject of Test Driven Development with some general points and a demonstration of my work flow. So if you fancy joining me, please sign up for this free event in Woking and get some more information at Also if there is any area of TDD that you think I should cover for the beginners, please feel free to comment below.

For those that do come, please go easy on me and please no awkward questions ;o)



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