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10 is live!

After a few evenings hard work, I can now announce that is now live!

Currently there is only one screencast to watch but I’ll be building on this in the coming weeks. If you have any ideas for future episodes or feedback for the site feel free to post them on the forum.

I’ll be adding a submission form soon so you can submit your own screencasts for inclusion in the site. If you want to submit a Castlecast before this is ready, just email me the details at: andy[at]

Now a big thank you to the Castle team, especially Henry Conceição for space on the Castle build server and also for the hosting of the site. You guys rock!

If you’re interested in how the site was built then the source is available on GitHub so feel free to take a look and if you fancy sending me a pull request, I’d be happy to receive them ;o)



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